You want more than just the best
rate for your client!

You are a mortgage broker that works with select lenders
that commit to service.

You want to know that your private lender will renew if your clients’ situation hasn’t improved or there has been a change in market conditions. You need to know that your client will be treated with respect even if there are challenges during the course of the term. You need to know with confidence that there are no hidden fees that would add up during the course of the term to make the face value of the mortgage significantly more than first disclosed.

We will assist you to quickly find creative mortgage solutions. With a team of highly experienced Underwriters and support staff we are committed to excellence and professionalism while we assist you and your client from the inquiry to the payout of the mortgage. With a larger lending area than any other alternative lender, we may have the solution you’re looking for.


  • 1st mortgage solutions to 80% LTV
  • 2nd mortgage solutions to 90% LTV (restrictions apply)
  • No minimum or maximum borrowing limits
  • 12 month term (other options available)
  • Interest only payments
  • Open terms
  • Prepaid options available
  • Registration allowed in company name

Property Eligibility

Single Family Residential

  • Detatched / Townhouses
  • Condo apartments
  • House plus five acres

Rental Properties

  • Single-family
  • Multi-family
  • Student condos


  • Second homes
  • Vacation condos
  • Well / Septic


1sts up to 80% LTV. Can combine a 2nd up to 90% LTV.

Condo Apartments

1sts up to 80% LTV. Can combine a 2nd up to 90% LTV.


Starting at 6.75% on 1st mortgages and 11.75% on 2nd mortgages


Starting at 2.00% on 1st mortgages and 4.50% on 2nd mortgages

For our full pricing matrix, please contact Dan Pauls, Director Business Development at 519-500-3330 or [email protected]

How to Submit a Deal


If you are new to working with Brightpath, please discuss the details of your file with your Business Development Manager (BDM) prior to submitting the deal to underwriting. Your BDM can tell you whether or not the deal will fit within Brightpath’s guidelines and make suggestions when packaging the file to ensure greater success of a commitment letter being issued.

Dan Pauls

Director, Business Development

[email protected]

File Submission

Please submit a complete application (your Filelogix application is fine), credit bureau and a summary, in your own words, with regard to the objectives your client is trying to achieve. If the file is a purchase, please include the MLS listing, purchase agreement and property disclosure statement. Providing all of the information up front will assist your underwriter in getting back to you as quickly as possible.

Please send all documents and deals notes to[email protected]

Approved Appraisers

We accept all appraisals through 'Value Connect'. For exception requests, please contact your BDM.

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