You want more than just a reliable
rate of return!

You want service.

When you have a question, you want it answered in a timely manner. Brightpath Capital is committed to helping you to understand your investment, and we encourage investors to contact us with any concerns they have.

But more than anything, you want to have confidence in the management of the company you invest with. Brightpath Capital has a wealth of mortgage lending experience, and we deal with hundreds of mortgage brokers across Canada.

We are investors, too, and so are members of our families. You can be certain, then, that we are interested in the security of the investment, not just in the return. We invest in Canadian properties only, primarily on residential properties in major centres.

These are homes in your neighbourhood. This is a market you know.

Investing in a mortgage
fund can provide diversity
in your Investment portfolio.

  • Minimum investment $150,000
  • Investors must be residents of Canada
  • Lending is on Canadian properties only, with a focus on non-GTA locations
  • Above average investment yields secured by equity in desirable real estate


How secure is my investment?

Our loans are registered as mortgages on residential properties only, with a focus on major centers and thriving small towns across Canada. Market values may decrease without affecting the security as we only lend to a percentage of the appraised property value*. As we have seen, market value decreases are soon followed by increases, and the resulting security just gets better.

* We rely only on appraisals from appraisers we have personally vetted and approved.

What is the minimum investment?

$150,000 is the minimum to open an account. Additional investments may be added in increments of $25,000 or more. Please contact us to confirm that we are accepting investments before you arrange to send funds.

Who is the manager?

Brightpath Capital Corporation is one of Canada's most active private lending firms. Brightpath’s collective experience and outstanding service makes it a leader in the private lending sector. Brightpath has long-standing relationships with numerous mortgage referral partners, which ensure a steady source of new mortgage opportunities.

Are there any fees to invest?

We don’t charge any fees, but reserve the right to charge costs associated with special account handling requests.

What happens when a mortgage goes into foreclosure?

Defaults and foreclosures are a normal part of the private mortgage lending business. We have experienced staff that work closely with respected foreclosure lawyers to find solutions. But most importantly, with Brightpath, your investment is spread across our entire portfolio, so the risk is mitigated against any single default.

How do I get paid?

Distributions will be made monthly. Funds will be automatically deposited directly into your bank account via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

How do I get my money out?

Redemption requests are handled in the sequence received. As cash is generally tied up in 1 year term mortgages, there may be up to a 6 month wait for cash to become available. There are no penalties for redeeming at any time.

How will my income be taxed?

Your investment income will be treated as interest income for tax purposes. We issue T5s for reporting investment income.

What kind of reporting will I get?

You will receive a quarterly statement in the mail, which will include some comments on the market or returns.

How do I get started?

Contact Blake Albright
[email protected]

Interested in investing with Brightpath Capital?

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